Saving money and time with a commercial design build contractor in Charlotte, NC

Saving money and time with a commercial design build contractor in Charlotte, NC

Commercial and industrial buildings are dynamic environments in which space and efficiency requirements change rapidly. Often adjustments are needed to be made as soon as possible. Hiring an architect, engineer and general contractor to convene, create and build may not be timely or cost effective. If your project vision doesn’t require the standard design-bid-build process, there is another option. A commercial design build general contractor, such as Catalyst Construction Company, may be a better fit.

Benefits of choosing a design build general contractor

A commercial design build general contractor can convert your vision into a redesign that meets your goals and objectives while saving you time and money. The general contractor oversees the entire construction process and reports directly to the client. He manages the contracts of the subcontractors, architects, equipment vendors and material suppliers. Additional benefits to using a design build general contractor are:

  • Single point of accountability
  • Time and cost savings
  • Material set pricing
  • Budget management
  • Efficient timelines
  • Quality control
  • Qualified and experienced subcontractors
  • Heightened collaboration and communications

The central focus of the project is creating the client’s vision with solutions to proposed challenges. Having first-hand knowledge and experience in problem solving is key. Catalyst Construction Company excels at specialized projects, having found innovative solutions to project challenges for over 30 years.

Formal plans are not necessary in a design build scenario. Simply walking through the designated building space with the general contractor while explaining what you want done is the first step. Next, a follow up meeting will review the proposed scope of work encompassing the cost, timeline, materials and labor force needed. Project start dates are typically quicker than a design-bid-build job.

Examples of design build project solutions

Working in a broad scope of facility environments, Catalyst Construction Company has the adaptability to handle jobs from the typical to the distinct. No project is too complicated or too small.

Here are just a few examples of redesign, renovation and problem solving projects:


  • Opening a 60 foot wide warehouse wall incorporating structural steel work and footers
  • Renovating a business office to create an open cubicle work area and a designated warehouse space
  • Re-purposing a warehouse with 2 locker rooms, 5 offices and break room; along with creating a second story manager’s office with window overlooking the warehouse space
  • Replacing and rerouting pipes in a floor drainage system underneath active, operating production line
  • Pumping concrete 21 feet underground into a half mile long tunnel
  • Replacing the middle of three concrete machinery stabilization pads without damaging the pads on either side


Catalyst Construction Company has met construction project challenges requiring creativity and ingenuity for decades. Solving design issues without compromising functionality is our specialty. We are known for taking on challenges that other general contractors won’t touch.

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