Commercial construction time and materials contractor in Charlotte, NC

Commercial construction time and materials contractor in Charlotte, NC

Do you have a project that needs a fast completion? Is your project scope unclear at the onset? Does your project require flexibility for ongoing modifications? A dynamic work scope with evolving features often requires open ended contract work. Catalyst Construction Company offers a Time & Materials (T&M) contract option in Charlotte, NC. For over 30 years, Catalyst Construction Company has stepped up to handle last minute emergencies or to fill in with sub work. Some of our scopes have been laying down parking lots; building decks/stairs; painting; grading and landscaping; hauling trash; cleaning up sites and more.

Time & Materials contracts differ from fixed price contracts

A Time & Materials (T&M) contract is an arrangement under which a general contractor is paid on the basis of:

  • Actual cost of direct labor (at specified hourly rates)
  • Actual cost of materials and equipment usage (rentals), and
  • Agreed upon fixed add-on to cover the contractor’s overhead and profit.

There is no preset price for construction and work can begin immediately. This type of agreement is ideal when it is impossible to get an accurate estimate of a total project cost. If the work schedule cannot be defined or if changes are likely to be made during construction, a T&M contract is a great choice.

In a fixed price contract, the project owner pays a single sum to the general contractor to complete the construction project. This type of contract does not take into account what the contractor pays his employees, sub-contractors and suppliers. The general contractor uses the project design plans to create an estimate on the labor and materials for the cost of the construction. The time it takes to go through this process must be factored in before establishing a start date.

Transparency and flexibility are benefits of  time and materials contracts

Time and Materials  jobs are highly collaborative. Frequent communication with project owner is necessary for following the progress and direction of the project as well as tracking the costs. Transparency and flexibility are benefits of Catalyst Construction Company’s T&M contracts. Time sheets, invoices, receipts and operating costs are always verified with the project owner. All costs are classified as direct, indirect, markup and overhead. The quality and price of materials are acknowledged from the start. As the project scopes evolves, a T&M agreement offers the flexibility to redirect when needed.

Choose a commercial contractor with experience

Every construction project requires different scopes and unique demands. Selecting the appropriate contract is important, but the choosing the right general contractor as partner is even more so. Catalyst Construction Company has over 30 years of commercial contracting experience. Skilled in construction, demolition, renovation, site work and concrete work, Catalyst Construction Company excels at innovative solutions to challenging projects. Committed to quality performance, accountability and great service, we understand the expectations of our customers and get the job done right every time.

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