Concrete core drilling specialists in Charlotte, NC

Concrete core drilling specialists in Charlotte, NC

Core drilling is the most effective, non-vibrating way of drilling through reinforced and non-reinforced concrete. It is the preferred method of creating cylindrical cuts without much strain or overly aggressive demolition. The process requires a certain degree of expertise to get the job done right. At Catalyst Construction Company, our main crew supervisor has been core drilling and leading our crews for over 30 years. As Charlotte, NC concrete core drilling specialists, our concrete core drilling techniques are used in many applications across various fields. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contractors frequently request our services prior to their key installations.

Concrete Core Drilling Requires the Right Equipment and Skills

In strategizing for the best results, site conditions, labor skill set and equipment are all important variables. Choosing the right equipment is crucial. Concrete core drilling requires the right equipment and skills. Catalyst incorporates multiple wet cutting core systems, such as hand held core drills and mount core drills. These applications allow drilling from 1 inch to 2 feet deep in various diameters. Different concrete materials require an appropriate core bit. Diamond tipped core bits offer a more rapid process and require less material to be removed. This wet cutting process is faster, cleaner and more precise than methods used in the past.

Reinforced concrete presents core cutting challenges

The older concrete becomes, the tougher it is to cut. Under certain circumstances, older concrete can become brittle as well. Add these conditions to reinforced concrete and there’s even more of a challenge. Reinforced concrete presents core cutting challenges. Drilling through reinforced concrete can be difficult and take longer. Our skilled operators know how to read the conditions and choose the best equipment for the job. Steel rebar puts a lot of strain on the drill core bit. Using a surface diamond matrix makes for a smoother and cooler process. Cutting with a steady supply of water flushes out metal fragments and keeps the equipment from over-heating. By using soft bond, medium bond and hard bond diamond segments, Catalyst Construction Company has the flexibility to handle from 5000 psi concrete to heavily reinforced concrete. We use average core bits ranging from 3/4 inch to 12 inches in diameter and typically drill through 12 inches or more in depth. By carefully monitoring speed, pressure and water levels, our crews perform consistent and accurate results.

With our industry knowledge and field experience, Catalyst Construction Company can determine exactly what your project requires. We have the machinery and the manpower to quickly and efficiently prepare your job site for the next phase. Contact us to learn more.